iPhone Apps developed Team Jun

New Camera App

Silent Ninja Camera for your secret shot


The camera app does not see it is taking photos from others. 

You take a photo with no one knows just tap the camera icon at the bottom of the web screen. 

If you want to figure shot of cute baby sleeping. 

You want to take the friends and yourself in public places and libraries. 

When you want to take pictures at school and bookstore. 

When you want to get information from the location of the restaurants or coffee shops. 

A picture is taken without taking trouble at the concerts and theater. 

Quickly shoot the fun moment. 

Shoot hidden when you witness a crime

SS001 SS_train

1.Quote for U

This application helps when you are embarrassed.
Please start up the application program when you become tired.
Predecessors' great words are derived to the screen.
When you push the button of the screen or shuffle , another word is derived.
These maxims specially selected the useful one carefully from various documents.
Surely, the word which appears on the screen awake you.
Please start up this application program you when it might be unpleasant.
It should be able to meet the word for you.

I pray that this app becomes your true friend.



Anime Costume Girls(Now available!!)

This application is our sketches collections of girls who like anime.

They wear anime character's clothes.

They are only other very valuable sketches that cannot be seen anywhere.

If you like anime or manga, you can enjoy this app very much.

And if you like Japanese girls you are very happy this application program.

There are many sketches in this application.

Please look for the girl of your favor. 

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